Alexander Fechter, Vienna, Österreich (Austria)

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I live in Vienna, Austria (spelled Österreich in German); I am 53 years old in 2020, and work as a journalist at the Austrian Press Agency. My wife Silvia and I have two kids: Veronika (23 in 2020) and Benedikt (age 21 in 2020).

March 2001:  Benedikt, Alexander, and Veronika








  March 2001: Benedikt, Silvia, and Veronika

There are two more members in my family named Fechter: My father,  Friedrich Fechter and my sister Christine. There are 22 Fechters listed in the Vienna telephone directory -- just 85 in the entire country.

J.N.Voglpl. 5/14
1180 Wien
Österreich                       Telephone: 0043/1/4076976 

  January 2002 photos of our children

Summer 2003

Christmas 2003 Veronika & Benedikt






Veronika is one of the three holy kings, who are collecting money for poor people in Africa.

Christmas 2005                                              Christmas 2006

July 2008


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