Updated 14 April 2017
This airport was deactivated several years ago, but is provided here as an FYI (For Your Information)
Lambert Fechter Municipal Airport  (was Airport Code 0Y4)
Hartley, Iowa,  USA
Located in northern, Iowa, near Spencer, Iowa. See the red star on the map below for the airport location.
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The summary below was provided by Dick Fechter. It was compiled from Lambert Fechter's log books, conversations,  and other information such as newspaper articles. 

“Fechter” became synonymous with Northwest Iowa aviation in 1942. The Fechter Military Operating Area was named in honor of Lambert L. Fechter, an aviation pioneer in Northwest Iowa from 1938 until 1959.  He started flying from Sheldon, Spencer and Hartley in Taylorcrafts, Aeroncas, and a Curtiss Wright Jr.  

In 1940 he received his private pilot’s license at Sioux City, which was then the Rickenbacker Airport.  By 1941 he had earned his commercial, instructor, and secondary flight instructor ratings.  During 1942 he worked at Iowa City giving flight instruction, and in 1943 he gave flight instruction at Estherville and Iowa City to future Army and Navy pilots.  Then he joined the Navy and graduated top of his pilot training class. 

During 1944 and 1945 he gave flight instruction at Norman OK, New Orleans LA, and Dallas TX in many types of Navy aircraft including the Stearman.  In 1946 he started a flying service at Sutherland and then in 1948 he gave flight instruction from the Spencer, Iowa airport.  In 1949 he gave up flying to become a farmer – however, this lasted only a year and in 1950 he became a flying-farmer near Hartley, Iowa.

By June of 1959 he was a flight instructor, charter pilot, FAA examiner and was also the personal pilot to several local executives.  He inspired an extra ordinary number of people to learn to fly.  Some people say that because of him, there were more pilots per-capita in Hartley than any other city in the nation.  He had logged close to 10,000 flying hours before being fatally injured in an aircraft mishap.  The town of Hartley named its airport in his memory and the Fechter Military Operating Area used to overlay many of the airports he used during his 21 year flying career.

However, the Iowa Air National Guard Headquarters changed the name from Fechter Military Operating Area to Crypt Military Operating Area. There is still a Fechter ATCAA to the north of the Military Operating Area. 

ATCAA stands for Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace. ATCAA defines vertical/lateral limits 18,000+ feet above sea level for segregating activities (such as air-to-air refueling) within the assigned airspace.

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Lat/Long: 43-09-44.902N / 095-28-01.022W
(43.1624728 / -95.4669506)
Elevation: 1452 ft. / 443 m (estimated)

From city: 1 mile SE of HARTLEY, IA

Airport Services
Fuel available: NONE
Parking: hangars and tiedowns
Airframe service: NONE
Powerplant service: NONE
Bottled oxygen: NONE
Bulk oxygen: NONE

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